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Prayer Schedule

Prayer and worship form the basis of St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church.

We currently offer a Rite I service each Sunday at 8:00 AM  and Rite II service at 10:30 AM. (October - June)

During the Summer we offer a single Rite II service at 9:30 AM.
Each Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM, we begin with Holy Eucharist with Healing in the sanctuary, followed by guided Bible Study with Rev. Dr. Robin A. Reed.


We are a welcoming and friendly parish, practicing our mission statement to all. We take to heart Jesus’ command to love and care for others through our outreach programs as well as extending the use of our facilities to the community. We take seriously our liturgy, choir and music; offering our best to God each week. We know the importance of discipleship: teaching, learning, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus.

We give generously of ourselves, as well as what has been given to us. 


“Lord take our lips and speak through them; 

Take our minds and think through them; 

Take our hearts, Lord, take our hearts and set them on fire"

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